At SAPG we are focused at developing and supporting our frontline retail staff with the perfect mix of skill based and competency based training programs. Various structured need-based learning interventions are developed & delivered to relevant learning audiences.

L&D will develop retail staff on areas such as motivation, customer service, communication, leadership, personality development & time management. Learning at SAPG is aimed at being interactive and productive whilst engaging learners in the classroom environment. Learning interventions at SAPG involve assessment through well-defined tests, activities & a follow-up mechanism to ensure all the necessary support is provided to the learner.

Learning & Development will also work towards aligning employees to their job role and responsibilities across the organization. This initiative will provide employees with the clarity towards their contribution to the business. Providing the bigger picture to employees aims to improve workforce productivity and accountability towards their role in
the organisation.

SAPG follows Rewards & Recognition (R&R) initiative to emphasis the valiant results of the retail staff to achieve sales targets. The Employee of the Month award on a monthly basis is used to recognise top performers.